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Anying Foreign Exchange is a Melbourne-based professional financial services provider specializing in foreign exchange. Mainly looking after overseas Chinese clients, we offer fast, hassle-free and peace-of-mind foreign exchange, international payment and transfer services between all the major currencies. In particular, we trade between CNY and AUD, USD as well as other currencies.

We have been established since 2004. Being in business for almost a decade, our professional managerial team has strived to provide dedicated foreign exchange solutions for overseas students, business visa holders, traders, tourists and other clients, thanks to our strong financial capabilities, resourceful networks, safe managerial exchange platforms and advanced online transaction systems. We are meticulous and act with integrity and by such philosophy we are rewarded with the support and trust of our significant client base – Anying is widely recognized and enjoys an exceptional reputation!
Anying Foreign Exchange is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australian Financial Service Licence Number: 411 932. As a licence holder, Anying has obtained professional indemnity (PI) insurance as a means of reducing the risk that Anying cannot pay claims because of insufficient financial resources. Anying Foreign Exchange is a member of Financial Ombudsman's Service (FOS), if Anying's clients are dissatisfied with the outcome of it's internal dispute resolution, you have the right to lodge a complaint with FOS, an approved external dispute resolution scheme.
At Anying, you will enjoy one-on-one top quality service from our dedicated customer care-focused full-time representative. At Anying, your total satisfaction is what we live for and we are committed to provide super value foreign exchange services. At Anying, we make promises and we make them happen!

Facing fierce competition in the business arena and with unfathomable financial markets, Anying gathers the motivation and aspiration from every one of our team to have successfully earnt the title “foreign exchange experts”. As we continue to achieve an enviable performance, we are also expanding with new points-of-sale to serve more customers in growing areas so that more Australians can enjoy our friendly, professional and reputable services. No longer will we be a hidden gem.